5 Types of Communication Structure.

The act of sending and receiving information between two parties can be called communication. Communication in an organization can be of different structures based on their need. Some of the variables that factor in choosing a structure are, the size of an organization, type of information, the distance between sender and receiver, etc…

Chain structure, Y structure, Wheel structure, Circular structure, Open structure are five main communication structures that are used by communication which are described below.

Chain Structure

fig:-Chain structure

In this structure, one person can communicate with their immediate superior or subordinate. If the lowest position has to send any information to top management, he/she has to pass messages through all the superiors. It might be slow but it is convenient in an organization where authority and responsibility are clearly defined.

Y Structure

fig:-Y structure

In this structure, there are two or more leaders or managers at the top. A leader can communicate to subordinate closer to them. It decreases pressure on both leaders and subordinates can get a response faster. In this structure after the information is relayed, it travels downward in the hierarchy as shown in fig.

Wheel Structure

fig:- Wheel structure

In this structure, the leader has to act as the centre of information. All communicated information originates from the leader. Subordinates can only receive information and can’t send messages to their superiors. It is a centralized communication structure. In the given figure Actor C is the manager who communicates with all subordinates. Here actor A Can’t communicate with Actor E directly.

Circular Structure

fig:- Circle structure

In this communication structure, one member can communicate with their immediate adjoining partner (partner to their right and left). As the name suggests the message is communicated in a circle. In the fig Actor A can communicate with Actor B and Actor F

Open Structure

fig:- Open structure

It is also known as All Channel Structure(network). In this structure, every member can communicate with every other member directly. It is fast as information does not have to be passed around to reach its destination. It is the most decentralized communication network. Members can share any data, ideas, suggestions to anyone without restriction which can be crucial to creating a healthy environment in an organization. As shown in the figure all Actors can communicate with all other Actor.

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