BCA stands for “Bachelor in Computer Application”. It is a 4-year degree plan. Purbanchal University was the first to start teaching BCA in 1999. It lies under different faculty in different universities like in TU ( Tribhuvan University) it’s in humanities and in PU  ( Pokhara University ) it’s in faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. IT focuses on program learning along with developing students’ managerial skills and their knowledge in economics. Because of which a student not only learns technical skills but also can compete in the market with learned social skills. C, C++, java, DATA structure and algorithm, data technology, web development, social, the principle of management are some subjects that you get to learn in the BCA course. Students of BCA have great opportunities both in Nepal and abroad after they complete the degree.


Scope of BCA

It is one of the fastest-growing fields in Nepal. If you know how to program then you don’t have to worry about being jobless. The nature of BCA is such that a student can work in a different field. Some jobs that you can take after graduating from BCA are:

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Database Developer
  • System Analyst
  • Software project manager
  • You can start your own start up
  • Get job in media and printing industry
  • Chief information officer and many more.

All jobs shown above are high-paying jobs that every student wants which a BCA student can get after getting experience in their respective field for some time.


To get admission in TU for BCA following criteria are required:

Passed PCL or class 12 with a minimum of 40% ( 2CGPA).

If you want to study BCA at Pokhara University students should have completed 10+2 in any stream like science, engineering, management, arts, and others.

In another college, they might ask for <= 50 %  in class 12 in any stream with English and maths as a compulsory subject.


Many students are confused about which course should they enroll in BCA or BIT and I think this confusion is caused because they don’t know which field focuses on what. So to make it simple, BCA  focuses on program learning and the software industry (you can look at the scope section for jobs where BCA graduates can work). whereas BIT focuses on networks & systems. Jobs that you can take after BIT are:

  • Web Developer and Designer
  • Data Security Officer
  • Database manager
  • IT Officer and many more .

You get to learn about many topics in BIT, some of the subjects in BIT that you will learn are:

  • Data Structure
  • OS(Operating System)
  • C Language
  • Business Information System
  • Database Management System(DMS)

And some subjects you get to learn in BCA are:

  • C Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Social
  • System Analysis And Design
  • Principle of Management and many more.

I hope you can make up your mind about what to read after reading the above information. I suggest making decisions on basis of your interest or passion so that you can give it all of you and you don’t get bored.


You can go to different career fields after BCA so I can’t say exactly what amount of salary you will get but assuming you pass with good marks and skill. A starting student with no experience can earn 18 to 20 thousand(monthly) but after you find your niche you can earn largely (1 lakh and above a year). This is just my opinion some earn way more and you can always start your own company.

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