How to pass BCA exam without studying?

Passing the BCA exam without studying is hard but not impossible. If you just want to pass the BCA exam you have to obtain at least 24 marks from the writing exam in which the first 10 questions are multiple-choice questions which is easy. Let’s say you got 7 multiple choice questions right then the pass marks for you will become 17. I have listed things students of BCA can do to get more than 20 marks (in writing exam excluding multiple-choice questions) to pass their exams when they don’t have time to prepare for the whole BCA syllabus.

1. Read long question of previous BCA exams.

One of the best ways to pass the BCA exam without studying is to read the only long question asked in previous years (two or three models ). Instead of being confused about what to read at last few days before the exam, you can read old exam questions. You may think that those questions are already asked so they may not be asked again but long questions of the previous year can be asked as a short question. For example ( a question that was asked for 10 marks can be asked for 5 marks ). Also, the same question can be asked with different tail questions or in a different context.

2. Read important questions.

Often there is are important questions that are asked frequently in most exams. You can ask your friends or teacher if they know about these questions if you don’t have time to look for them yourselves. when I was studying BCA we would always know 2 or 3 questions that were very important and they most of the time came true and appeared in the final exam.

3. Attempt all questions.

One of the common mistakes made by students is not even attempting the question if they don’t know the answer or if they are confused. When you are on your last foot you can’t afford to leave any question unanswered. Even if you are completely unaware of the answer you can use your common sense and at least try to get as many marks from that question so that you can pass your exam.

4. Read in points.

  • Even though you have to write answer in paragraph your mind can remember things better in bullet points .
  • Point out the important parts of answer in bullet points that are important and you can connect them in your own way while writing them in paragraphs.

5. Use visual thinking.

Many students and teachers agree that it is faster to remember things if you visualize them. while reading any long questions or important questions you should visualize them in a short story form if you want to remember them better.

6. Watch youtube video of Concerned topic if you don’t understand.

One thing that I can say for sure after graduating from BCA is that you can learn anything related to BCA on youtube. Manly Maths, if you want to learn how to solve a certain problem I am confident to say that, you will learn to solve that problem from watching youtube videos of that topic. So, don’t hesitate to look on the internet for topics that you want to learn.

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