I-WAY. 3 Component of I-way

I-WAY which is also known as information superhighway refers to digital communication and internet telecommunication network that allows us to connect, share information, and communicate as a global community. The superhighway includes the internet along with the physical infrastructure that mostly includes access and transport circuit, switching and routing system, public and private network, and various online services which focuses on providing high-speed and broadband services.

Component of I-WAY

Network access component (equipment)

It is also known as customer premises equipment. To access any network, specific equipment is required at customer, and this enables the consumers to access the network. Hardware:- router, set-top box, access and switch devices, software platform are browser and OS.

Local access component

The local access component is the link between business, home, school, and organization to the main communication point also referred to as the last mile. It requires a tremendous investment that cannot be easily replaced or overlooked in any networking strategy. It provides the following types of connection:-

  • Telephone based
  • Cable based
  • Wireless based
  • Computer based

Global access component

Nowadays e-commerce activities are not limited to any country. so, we need infrastructure to connect people and businesses across the world. With this component, communication can be held between two parties who are on different sides of the globe. This type of network includes:-

  • Long distance network (via fiber optic cable)
  • Satellite.

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