IS BCA a good course for a science student? BCA jobs salary​


BCA(Bachelor in Computer Application) is one of the IT field courses that focus on program learning. IT is a 4-year course. In this course, you will get to learn C, C++, java, DATA structure and algorithm, data technology, web development, and many more subjects. You can study BCA even if you have not taken science in class 11,12.

Jobs that you can get after Taking BCA course

  • Software developer
  • web developer
  • database developer
  • system analyst
  • software project manager
  • Own start up
  • Media and Printing Industry
  • Chief Information Officer

Or after BCA you can go for courses like:

  • (Information Technology)
  • MBA (Master’s in Business Administration)
  • MCA (Master’s in Computer Applications)

BCA job salary

You can go to different career fields after best I can’t say exactly what amount salary you will get but assuming you pass with good marks and skill. A starting student can earn 18 to 19 thousand(monthly) but after you find your niche you can earn largely (1 lakh and above a year).

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