How to write a slide presentation for BCA project

When you get to 4th semester you have to write presentation for the topic you have chosen there are many thing you have to consider when writing proposal . I am providing an example of proposal of topic voting system that I have written ,you can look this can get an idea how to write project proposal.

Slide 1

Voting system (Topic you Chose)

Your Name (Ram )

Symbol no:0000000

4th, semester , BCA

Slide 2


—This website will make voting easy .

—Our website will be well informed.

—It will help people identify there candidate properly and to increase transparency.

—Primary objective of this website  is to create well informed youth(people).

Slide 3

Statement of problem

—Less people vote because of lack of information.

—Misinformation of rival candidate by other candidate.

—Hard to maintain logistics.

Slide 4


—To make people vote more.

—To provide reliable information.

—To help people identify candidate.

Slide 5



It determines whether the work for the project can be done with the existing equipment

, software technology and available personnel.


It will be cost effective.

It will eliminate subscription to newspaper.

Time effectiveness will eventually led to economic benefit .


It will be less time consuming .

It will be easy to use.

Phase                       week123456789101112
Study and Analysis2w           
Data fetching 1w          
Implementation   4w        
Testing     3w      
Documentation     8w      
Review          3w 
Presentation     1w      

Slide 6

Requirement Analysis


It will have advanced search bar.

IT will allow to log in .

It will show  information of searched candidate.

—Non Functional

It will have user friendly interface.

Better component design, flexible service based architecture.

It will be safe.

Slide 7

0 level diagram

Slide 8

Use case diagram

Slide 9

ER Diagram

Slide 10


—It can be used in any location with internet.

—It will save time.

—Help to make decision quickly. Provide all short of information on the candidate.

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