WAP. Architecture of WAP

  • WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocal
  • It is the designed for micro-browsers and it enables the access of internet on mobile device
  • It uses mark-up language WML (not HTML)
  • WAP is defined as XML 1.0
  • It enables creating web application for mobile devices
  • It gained popularity in 200’s
  • From 2010 it had been largely suspended
  • Now mobile support HTML , CSS, Javascript completely and don’t need to use any kind of WAP mark up for webpage compatibility.Most are not able to render and display pages written in WAP.

Architecture of WAP

The architecture of WAP has five layers:

Application layer

This layer consists of Wireless Application Environment (WAE). It contains mobile device specification and content programming language WML.

Session layer

This layer contains Wireless Session Protocol. It provides fast connection suspension and reconnects.

Transaction layer

This layer contains Wireless Transaction Protocol. It runs on top of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a part of TCP\IP and offers transaction support.

Security layer

This layer contains Wireless Transaction Layer Security. It offers data integrity, privacy, and authentication.

Transport layer

This layer contains Wireless Datagram Protocol. It presents consist data format to a higher layer of the WAP protocal stack.

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Types of communication structure

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